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What We Do

Rabia is helping to write the story of shaping a cleaner, more sustainable, more just, and more inclusive world. The first chapter of this story deals with the disruption, contradictions, and tensions of transitions — and where finance fits into this.

Our Focus


financial agents

The financial sector has immense influence in enabling just and inclusive transitions through their investment decisions, risk management and incentives for action. Every financial agent has a critical role. We work with treasuries, stock exchanges, central banks, special commissions, and other public and private financial institutions. Through trusted relationships and thinking partnerships, we support  these partners to delve deep into and navigate the difficult questions posed by a transitions context for their institutions, and to co-create potential policy and financing response options.


Building a basis for
finance with dignity

Transitions are disruptive, uncertain, and socially contested processes. The financial ecosystem is not yet accounting for such uncertainty through products and processes in support of those most affected. The existing financing processes for developing countries to access finance is  also unsuited to the multiple climate, development and transition challenges being faced. Rabia’s work involves technical research and collaborations that place the core needs of developing countries at the center, to enable more just and equitable financial flows and promote better, more dignified quality of finance and access modalities.


Promoting data
for action

Policy, climate risk, finance flows, and just transitions-related data can unlock valuable insights for financial agents, businesses, and communities affected by these transitions. By deconstructing data in a way that makes it accessible for everyone, we want to empower all to engage, understand what is at stake, how it affects environmental, social and economic systems, and how they can develop responses in the face of such data.

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Our Offerings


Policy and regulatory analysis at the intersection of finance, climate, the economy, and transitions.


Thinking partnerships to identify the key issues that partners need to address to enable just transitions, develop implementation pathways, and finance policy modalities towards action.


Designing financial mechanisms and related interventions to accelerate just transitions.


Resource mobilisation guidance and strategies to unlock the implementation of interventions for just transitions.


Technical briefings on the role of finance in enabling and advancing  just transitions covering current national, regional and global policy and finance developments.

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